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A guide to medieval manuscript books in Polish collections


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Last modified: 12 Feb 2020

Central Archives of Historical Records

Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych

ul. Długa 7, 00-263 Warszawa — see on map

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Fragments retrieved from and still remaining in early modern book bindings.


  1. Zbiór Marczaka, sygn. 1: Varia — 15th c.; paper [MSPL 00000]
  2. AR XXV, sygn. 1768: musical fragment with notation extracted from a binding — 15th c.; parchment [MSPL 00000]
  3. AR XXV, sygn. 4387, binding: biblical commentary — 14th c.; parchment [MSPL 00000]
  4. AR XXV, sygn. 4388, binding: biblical commentary — 14th c.; parchment [MSPL 00000]